Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let's Get to Eureka!

My intentions through this blog are simply to refine my views on education and faith that hopefully lead to building a solution. Refining and constructing involves those of you that read and relate to my thoughts. I would encourage you to share what you envision to be the ideal school for this world (even if it doesn’t blend obviously with my thoughts).

This video describes where I’m at with my dreams for education and the purpose of this blog.

The purpose of my ideal education: Nurture and equip self-regulated learners who can recognize, evaluate, and develop the tools/skills they have and adequately utilize them to inquiry, discover and apply them in authentic opportunities.  The students realize the talents and interests they have been blessed with from God and utilize them in becoming the uniquely designed light bearer He has called them to be!

“Chance favors the connected mind.” I would adjust Johnson’s phrase from the video just a bit. "God favors the heart and mind that connect to His will." I believe this favor includes orchestrating connections that can collaborate and construct something much bigger and better than I could come up with on my own.
Let’s get to Eureka! Can your ideas, dreams, and visions meld with mine to make something better?