Sunday, March 20, 2016

Becoming a Noticer: Seeing the droplets in a flooded world

The Advantages of Being a Noticer

Those that dwell on the actions and patterns around them can easily find purpose and meaning for their life in this world. When I take the time to consider the uniqueness of a particular instant, I find it so easy to fall into a posture of gratitude and service. It becomes so much easier to practice generosity when I notice the world doesn’t revolve around me.

How to Become a Noticer

See the Details
A Noticer doesn’t just keep up with the latest news, or know who won the game last night. The Noticer digs deeper analyzing and making connections. It’s easy for a teacher to see little Timmy didn’t do his homework. It takes a Noticer to consider the possibilities and connect the dots.
I have obstacles to overcome in this category. I have a habit of glossing over the fine details and nuances of the situation. In fact I don’t even come close to observing the intricacies. There’s been times when my wife has spent a full day transforming our house from an embarrassing state to remarkably presentable. I usually come home with a courteous response like, “Have you seen my good jeans? I’m pretty sure they were sitting out with my stack of clothes.”
So much for the posture of gratitude and service. 

Be A Listener
Another requirement keeping me from being a Noticer is being an active listener! Naturally I blame this on my male makeup. (Another lesson for the aspiring Noticer, Don’t Make Excuses!) I honestly don’t know how women can listen, process and respond so efficiently. I obviously have much to learn. Baby steps.
This is why i write, it gives me opportunity to be an active listener, a delayed active listener. My wife would probably just say, “A delayed listener.” I write to hear; I write to process.

Be Selective
There’s far too many details to see and voices to hear. So decide where you need to put your focus. Seek out the credible sources on this topic and listen. See how the details of this topic play out in the intricacies of your life. Lately for me it’s been about Noticing the nature of creativity.
So currently on my nightstand are:
I’m currently listening to podcasts by Jeff Goins and Tim Ferriss.
This is just my selection for my personal life, I go through the same process in my profession. Trying to become a better teacher in one specific area at a time.

Being a Noticer is not only for teachers, it’s for anyone attempting to sift and discern through the current world.
The more I notice about education and faith, the more I realize humility is at the center. Here again it’s hidden under service and gratitude. To become a Noticer, one must first turn his eyes away from Self. The hard part is keeping it that way.

While I’m not a practicing expert as a Noticer, I’m hoping to offer some truth through my faults.

Peace in the listening